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released September 30, 2016

Written, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Black Arcade



all rights reserved


Black Arcade Lexington, Kentucky

WIth a minimalistic and forward thinking approach, Black Arcade is a reflection of the modern world and what it means to be human at this exact moment in time.

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Track Name: Shadows of the Sun
Shadows of the Sun

I’ve been living off dreams that were bought and sold
Lost in the dark so grey and cold
Tonight the city streets are sleeping

A thousand miles from no where
In this abyss alone I stare
We were just emotionless in motion

Everything was so unreal
I can’t explain the way I feel
Running from the Shadows of the Sun

I can feel you through the atmosphere
How the hell did I get here
Running from the Shadows of the Sun

I listen to the chemicals
Rushing through my subliminal mind
It just feels so damned empty

You’re coming through the radio
Lost in silence so long ago
The frequencies are burning through tonight
Track Name: Severed Lies
Severed Lies

If you find I'm missing
Just leave me on my own
Don't leave a message
I won't pick up the phone

If you drink 'til your sober
Maybe you can get some sleep
But this is far from over
The knife is in too deep

It's gotta be It's gotta be forever
This time is now or never
It's gotta It's gotta be forever
Or tonight the lies we sever

Like a rollercoaster
Always running through my head
She will leave you breathless
Tongue tied to an empty bed

Just a lucid lover
Always in my dreams
Heaven under the covers
Just never what it seems
Track Name: Mausolea

I was on the outside looking in
I swore it would never happen again

Haunted by youth and the mistakes I’ve made
All the sins, that were never forgave

I never wanted to be here
Don’t you bother to look my way
In the Mausolea today

I never thought it could end like this
Heaven knows I couldn’t resist
But the consequence

And I never thought it could end this way
All the things I needed to say
But the consequence

If our love were an homage to death
I would bleed until there was nothing left

And like the flowers that grow between
So abloom, and so so serene

You never wanted to be here
You couldn’t even look my way
In the Mausolea that day
Track Name: Kissed to Kill
Kissed to Kill

I was afraid to follow
I was afraid to hide
I was so scared of tomorrow
I was so desperate inside

Don’t let them penetrate you
Don’t let them have control
Don’t let them see right through you
Just let me know swallow your soul

But when I first met you
I felt like time was standing still
Through a turnstile, in a black room
I had been Kissed to Kill

Into the heart of the city
Into the dead of night
Running from our own self-pity
Running from the darkness of the light
Track Name: Dehumanized

I’m an examine, in dead of June
A cross-creation that came too soon
Just like an oral-transmission, black addiction

I can turn the tides, behind your lies
Shooting reflection through the darkest skies
And I’m so sequential, 4-Dimensional

I’m gonna lick you up just to spit you out
I’m gonna those things you only dream about
Gonna lick you up, just to spit you out

I’ve been Dehumanized
With all your lies
A broken cypher that’s dead on the inside
Gonna lick you up just to spit you out

I saw a lunar eclipse across her lips
Chasing shadows with her fingertips
It’s like pure radiation, stellar illumination

Her eyes went black, my head went numb
On my knees and I had to succumb
The signs are vital, an endless spiral
Track Name: Moon

I’ve never felt so out of place
Like i was floating in outer space
And I never dreamed I would see the day
When I had to watch the blue turn to grey

And I was out of touch, out of mind
I couldn’t believe what I couldn’t find
So out of touch, and out of mind
I had to leave your world behind

We have become so digital
And our spirit is invisible
I let these dreams glitter in the dark
Like memories without a start

All of these things i can’t quite remember
Like standing on the moon in the dead of December
When I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown
You came and took it all away

And I remember those dreams I was falling forever
I told myself it was now or never
Time to pick up the pieces
Get it together, and find something to call my own
Track Name: Mechanical Soul
Mechanical Soul

Ashes in the kingdom, burn it down
Chasing light at the speed of sound for you

Screaming silence from inside
I would let them eat me alive for you

I can’t stop spinning out of control
A human mind with a mechanical soul
You have to let it go

Falling from the heaven’s high
Burning through a desolate sky

With the face of a falling star
I can’t believe you would take it this far
Track Name: The Teeth
The Teeth

Crawl below the underpass
Dirty knees and broken glass
Five years on the interstate
I swear it was never too late

I don’t believe this is all coming true
I don’t believe that the end begins with you

Were never there, lost in the depths of a dumb despair
You were the original sin
A ghost within
And The Teeth are sinking in

Searching for a place to bury
Dreams that were extraordinary
And with eyes so profound
They bury lies underneath the ground

This too shall come to pass
Dirty knees and broken glass
Ten years at Heaven’s gate
Wasting youth and fearing our fate
Track Name: Ov_Machinima

I was on the plane that day
I watched the sky begin to fade
I watched the heaven’s turn to grey
I watched as they began to pray

They prayed for darkness
They prayed for rain
They prayed for the silence to take me again

We are not the difference between
Fascination and the unforeseen
Of Animal and Machine

I’d become so cybernetic
Isolation with no aesthetic
It was more than what it seemed
Darker than our darkest dream

But we were not no not to blame
We could never be the same
Track Name: The Edge of the Earth
The Edge of the Earth

The day is dead
And the night is new
Everything you said
Is all coming true

The world is over
There’s no turning back
The sky’s grown closer
And the Sun is bleeding black

Time could never erase
The silhouette of her burning face
In the distance I hear her scream
This is all a dream, it was all a dream

And I want you to know, that for all it’s worth
I would crawl, to The Edge of the Earth